Our Photos in Singapore

In Bukit Batok, Singapore is an old stone quarry. In the late eighties the area came in the National Parks for it's beauty so some improvements and safety measures were taken to open it to the public. It is called Little Guillin, named after an area of natural beauty in China.
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Little Guillin

Little Guillin   Showing a condominium being built in the skyline.

Little Guillin   If I swim across I can only come straight back.

Little Guillin

Little Guillin   I like this zoom lens - keeps my feet dry.

Little Guillin   It look like life on the other side

Little Guillin   What no crocodiles ?- not a ripple except a bit of breeze

Little Guillin

Little Guillin   And People too!

Little Guillin

David & Debbie with us at Little Guillin

David & Debbie at the Temple Door

Jurong Bird Park - Rare Exhibit


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