The Green Corridor Singapore

"The Green Corridor" comprises of the old railway track from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands in Singapore.
The Nature Society (Singapore) (NSS) submitted a proposal, The Green Corridor: A Proposal to Keep the Railway Lands as a Continous Green Corridor, to the Singapore Government on 21 October 2010. NSS proposed the retention of the original Malaysian KTM Railway Land as a Green Corridor after the train operations cease.
NSS suggest that the Railway Land preservation as a Green Corridor not only make it possible for Singaporeans to hike from the wetlands in Kranji to Rainforests in Bukit Timah and the hilltops of Henderson through a continuous nature trail; the Green Corridor is extremely important for preserving our Natural Heritage by acting as a connector for flora and fauna movement across the island, to some extent mitigating the effects of the fragmentation of our Nature Reserves.

NSS proposed that the Railway Land could be converted, with creative planning and without a high level of investment, into a transport route through the heart of Singapore from North to South. The transport route which could include the following:

A cycling and pedestrian path can be built on either side of the railway tracks
The existing railway tracks could accommodate low speed forms of trams powered by clean energy sources or even human power
The continuous length of the Green Corridor can host all forms of Sports and Recreational Activities including long distance running or cycling activities

However the rails, sleepers and gravel bed were removed and returned to KTM in Malaysia and some grassing over has been done.
It is now two years since the the land has been open to the public, however little or nothing has been done and there are signs of encroachment.

There has been much public comment to the effect that the government is not actively serious and if it becomes difficult for public to use due to muddy conditions and fallen trees etc then the government will parcel out the land for development which will make extra money from the bidding process.

To encourage participation in its use and potential involvement in retaining "The Green Corridor" I have plotted the existing access points to the corridor as well as drafting a discussion document , both of which can be found here..

Access Waypoints to the Green Corridor

This discussion document includes details researched and how other projects have developed. It includes suggestions which elaborate on some of the original objectives. A copy of this document has been forwarded to Urban Redevelopment Authority. All users of the corridor may wish to review this document and be invited to lobby your Members of Parliament or other influencial groups or people.

A_Points List for Study Requirements and Discussion for the Potential Enhancement of the Green Corridor to encourage Public Usage And Long Term Maintenance and Support

We Support the Green Corridor facebook group with support from the Nature Society Singapore has a group of volunteers monitoring sections of the corridor and reporting status for forwarding to the URA/SLA. The guidelines can be found Here
Appointed volunteers can download a blank copy of the Report Form Here

Many users have queried that after two years there is no signs at entry/exit points. Please be aware the group has noted this and is considering temporary signs and has started a program of potential recommended design for permanent signage. The sections from Mandai River to Bukit Timah Railway Station have been worded and sample can be found Here .

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